Episode 154 — Legacy Leverage

51:36 | Jun 8th, 2018

4 recommendations

Ben and James discuss Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub. Note: This is the last episode of the season; Exponent will return in the fall Presented by WordPress.com: Get 15% off on a new site by visitin...Show More


mm recommended:Mar 30th

Terrific episode about the acquisition of Github by Microsoft. It makes so much sense. One of the best episodes where Stratechery shines.

danny recommended:Jun 8th, 2018

Episode on why Microsoft bought Github. Summary: "Amazon AWS is the default option for developers, for 7.5B!😳 Microsoft has the ability to reach developers who almost all use github and think of using Azure as an alternative. Seems like a smart acq.

hiradFeb 23rd, 2019

This and the episode before it were fantastic

yashevde recommended:Jun 29th, 2018

This was a great analysis of the motivations for Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub. It was a deal that I found to be quite puzzling, but I think I understand completely after this analysis. Take-away-- Microsoft:Github::Disney:Pixar

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