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The Third Web

Arthur Falls


Podcast by Arthur Falls


42:47 | Apr 13th

Tlon COO Erik Newton and Community Manager Kenny Rowe join this session to provide some additional background to Tlon and the Urbit Community. Erik Newton begins by explaining the relationship betwe...Show More

31:14 | Apr 13th

The recurrent theme of calm computing is explored more deeply in this discussion with Logan Allen whose focus is infrastructure and product at Tlon. Logan sees the attention economy, with all it’s po...Show More
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32:30 | Apr 13th

Christian Langalis is the resident bitcoin ambassador to the Urbit team. His motto is sound money requires sound computing and this well describes his role is to develop Bitcoin infrastructure for the...Show More

22:45 | Apr 13th

As Ted indicated in episode 2, The Urbit ID public key infrastructure and the Urbit network are core to the way individual Urbits communicate and maintain self-sovereignty. In this episode we hear fro...Show More

40:15 | Apr 13th

The effect technology has on individual freedom is a recurring theme in lunchtime discussions in the Tlon office. Chief Product Officer, Anthony Arroyo has a background in linguistics and the philosop...Show More
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