The Web Platform Podcast

The Web Platform Podcast

A weekly show covering the latest in browser features, standards, and the tools developers use to build for the Web of today and beyond. Each week, hosts Danny, Amal, Leon, and Justin are joined by a special guest to discuss the latest developments a...Show More


51:26 | Mar 7th

It is a “wild web” out there and with all the complicated tooling and frameworks for web developers building web applications can be complex and obtuse. Chris Ferdinandi talks about simplifying our de...Show More

49:53 | Feb 27th

Brian Kardell, Developer Relations at Igalia, talks us through specs and features in standards and why those get prioritized or deprioritized. What is the ‘special sauce’ that goes into getting a feat...Show More
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58:08 | Oct 22nd, 2019

For a lot of software developers running code in separate threads is a common tool to reach for. On the web they are not nearly as widely used but can be just as powerful. Join us this week as Surma t...Show More

48:41 | Oct 2nd, 2019

What is a web developer toolchain? It seems that, like most web development questions, it depends on many factors. There are build tools, testing, CI, and much more. Danny and Erik go through some of ...Show More

53:36 | Sep 15th, 2019

In 2019, when developers think of Ionic and particularly the Ionic Framework they might think of Angular and Stencil. What about that VDOM thing called React? That’s on the other side of web developer...Show More
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