History of Germany Podcast

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A podcast on the history of Germans.


21:52 | Oct 25th, 2019

The Currywurst. Or perhaps “curry-ketchup sausages” are as common in Germany as perhaps hamburgers in the States. It’s a beloved snack, and an after-party savior. Currywurst has an interesting post-wa...Show More

17:47 | Oct 20th, 2019

Travis is no longer a tech writer and is now learning how to make candy in Germany, so he can start a business in Oregon. And he has a boyfriend, Toby. Pete Collman is working overtime creating Past A...Show More
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58:17 | May 1st, 2019

The stone bridge in Regensburg, built in 1135, has been through a lot. It's the oldest standing bridge in Germany and also spans some 300 meters. It's an heirloom of German history that even has its o...Show More

1:10:50 | Mar 3rd, 2019

Pete and Travis have been podcasting for 6 years! With new shows like Past Access and Podcastnik and tons of guests and collaborations in the past year. We give a behind-the-scenes on what we've been ...Show More

57:24 | Feb 18th, 2019

The first monarch to start off the Staufer dynasty (often Hohenstaufen in English after their castle) is Conrad III. His reign is marked by difficulties and spends time practically to poor to leave Pa...Show More
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