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Hound Tall with Moshe Kasher


The Hound Tall discussion series is a live podcast, hosted by Moshe Kasher, that takes a single topic and figures out the mysteries of the universe. An hour long chat with an expert and a panel of comedians, they learn all there is to know about thin...Show More

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1:15:17 | Mar 6th

After an extended hiatus- we are back to talk about the brain! Dr. Phillip Stenquist from UCLA's Neurocognitive Laboratory discuses brain damage, plasticity and more- with comic panelists: Mayim Biali...Show More

1:08:39 | Dec 9th, 2019

Daniel Kucan is a lifetime martial artist. He’s fought around the world and wrote a book called full contact about his craziest fights. He joins us to tell a few of those tales and it’s insane. With c...Show More
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1:07:29 | Nov 21st, 2019

Yanjaa Wintersoul Westgate joins us to discuss the memory, how it works and how you can make it much better than you ever imagined. With comics Joe Mande, Subhah Agarwal and Brent Sullivan.

56:49 | Oct 18th, 2019

Comedian Monty Franklin is a very lucky very Australian man. Abducted in Mexico, he barely escaped with his life. What could be funnier than that? Comic Panelists: Megan Gailey, Ron Funches, and the S...Show More

1:18:59 | Sep 10th, 2019

Dr. Nicole Prause studies orgasms for a living she also studies a darker facet of orgasms which is sex addiction. Orgasms are real but is sex addiction? Certainly there is a compulsive sexual behavior...Show More
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