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05:43 | May 13th

Eric Rosengren discusses the trade war with China, President Trump's political influence and his biggest concern for the Boston-area economy.

05:07 | May 13th

The musical follows six youth activists as they navigate the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 and its unexpected aftermath during a wave of uprisings in the Middle East against authoritarian regimes.
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06:21 | May 13th

In the great national debate over drug prices, Zolgensma illustrates the complex balance between the good news -- saving children from a horrible disease -- and the bad news -- stratospheric prices.

01:09 | May 10th

Dr. Pallavi Macharla, 45, was babysitting at her Burlington home on March, 27, 2014, when infant Ridhima Dhekane stopped breathing.

02:47 | May 10th

As the Red Sox manager Alex Cora and several players skipped the White House celebration, Red Sox chairman Tom Werner said he believes the event should be "apolitical."
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