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Political columnists Michael Smyth and Rob Shaw report from the heart of British Columbia's politics.
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Summer break

00:39 | Jul 12th

In The House hosts Rob Shaw and Mike Smyth are taking a break for the rest of July. The podcast is scheduled to return in early August.
Gas companies refuse to report profits despite inquiry calls

29:09 | Jul 4th

Gas companies refuse to disclose their profit margins to a public inquiry. What are they so afraid of and what’s going on? Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum is running into trouble holding on to his council and getting his police plan into reality. Mi...Show More
Critics raise red flag over China-UBCM sponsorship deal

57:36 | Jun 27th

Call The Question podcast hosts Lesli Boldt and Maria Dobrinskaya join Mike and Rob to discuss Chinese sponsorship of UBCM, public trust in politicians, reductions to the electric vehicle rebate program, the government sale of surplus properties, and...Show More
Trudeau wants it both ways on environment in pitch to voters

33:20 | Jun 20th

What does Ottawa's TMX approval mean for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s chances to win B.C. seats in the upcoming federal election? Plus, Rob and Mike look at how the B.C. government subtly shifted its tone on the project.
B.C.'s forestry sector facing major meltdown

42:11 | Jun 13th

Special guest Shane Woodford, CHNL Radio News Director, joins Mike and Rob to talk whether falling gas prices leads to less pressure on Premier John Horgan, the crisis in the forestry sector on the ground in the interior, and a report card of sorts o...Show More
No filter for McCallum in pitch for Surrey PD

39:08 | Jun 6th

Will B.C. approve a new police force for Surrey? What happens next after a dramatic blow-up involving the Speaker and cloned hard drives at the legislature? And is the new inquiry into gas prices just a big waste of time? Rob Shaw and Mike Smyth take...Show More
Is B.C. NDP toolbox empty when it comes to blocking TMX pipeline?

34:36 | May 30th

B.C. gets walloped by the Court of Appeal on its pipeline reference question, Jody Wilson-Raybould decides to run as an independent, the costs of investigating the legislature scandal continue to rise, and a look at the surprisingly moderate and popu...Show More
Horgan keeps getting hammered over gas prices

40:30 | May 23rd

Why aren’t taxes part of an inquiry into skyrocketing gas prices? What’s the latest in the latest standoff between teachers and the provincial government? Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw break down the latest B.C. political news.
B.C. spending scandal report lands with a thud in legislature

43:01 | May 17th

A bombshell report by former chief justice Beverly McLachlin into the legislature spending scandal lands. What allegations panned out and what fizzled into nothing? We hear audio from Speaker Darryl Plecas and suspended sergeant-at-arms Gary Lenz. Al...Show More
Crack down on money laundering like playing whack-a-mole

39:33 | May 9th

Host Rob Shaw with guests Vaughn Palmer and Richard Zussman examine the Green Party’s win in the Nanaimo-Ladysmith byelection, money laundering in B.C.’s luxury-car sector, Premier John Horgan's actions on gas prices, “photo radar 2.0” at intersectio...Show More
B.C.-Alberta pipeline dispute pivots toward gas-price crisis

33:39 | May 2nd

Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw break down the pipeline dispute between Alberta and B.C., analyze the comments of Premiers Jason Kenney and John Horgan, take look at the NDP government’s new labour bill and also blurt out massive spoilers about Game of Thron...Show More
Premier Horgan on hot seat over gas prices

33:37 | Apr 25th

This week on In The House, Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw ask why Premier John Horgan thinks refineries are the solution to skyrocketing gas prices and dig up Horgan’s old plan in 2007 to cap and regulate the price of gas in B.C. What happened to that idea?...Show More
Introducing Down to Business

01:10 | Apr 22nd

Coming April 24: There hasn’t yet been a podcast dedicated to a wide range of Canadian business stories. We want to change that. Down to Business is a new podcast devoted to what you need to know about Canadian business this week in under 30 minu...Show More
Kenney victory ripples through B.C. political landscape

29:52 | Apr 18th

This week on In The House, Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw dissect Jason Kenney’s victory in the Alberta election will mean for B.C., when we could see an all-out-legal war between the provinces, what can be done about the high price of gas at the pumps, and...Show More
Political finger pointing over money laundering a real head scratcher

44:36 | Apr 11th

This week on In The House, Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw dig into new legislation that bans ticket bots. Will the changes help you get a better price on your favourite concert tickets? They also delve into the politics around B.C.’s money-laundering scanda...Show More
Spec tax, ICBC, LNG put B.C. NDP on the defensive

39:50 | Apr 4th

This week on In The House, Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw discuss who is embarrassed and who is pleased by the NDP losing a vote on its LNG legislation. The pair also talk about female workers at the legislature winning their right to bare arms, the gove...Show More
Weaver exposes B.C. NDP's confusing position on LNG

45:15 | Mar 27th

This week on In The House, Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw discuss the BC Green Party’s effective and harsh criticism of the new NDP legislation on LNG, the questions left unanswered after a new report on ride-hailing and the politics being played with big c...Show More
B.C. NDP focus on strengthening immunization program

33:58 | Mar 21st

Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer subs in for Mike Smyth and discusses with Rob Shaw the B.C. government’s new poverty reduction plan, measles vaccination programs, the election call in Alberta and the new federal government budget.
B.C. NDP shaky on education file in Vancouver, Surrey

35:08 | Mar 13th

This week on In The House, Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw discuss the latest in the SNC-Lavalin affair, as well as challenges facing Education Minister Rob Fleming on Surrey school portables and Vancouver school closures, as well as the future of the NDP mi...Show More
Butts on hot seat in SNC-Lavalin scandal

23:25 | Mar 7th

With co-host Rob Shaw under the weather, Province columnist Mike Smyth welcomes Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer to discuss the SNC-Lavelin scandal rocking the Justin Trudeau government in Ottawa. Closer to home, Smyth and Palmer talk about L...Show More
B.C. a key battleground for rookie MP Singh, embattled Trudeau

39:43 | Feb 28th

This week on In The House, Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw discuss NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s victory in the federal Burnaby-South byelection, the NDP government’s response to threatened school closures in Vancouver, the latest in the legislature spending sc...Show More
What's in (and isn't in) the NDP's 2019 B.C. Budget

37:10 | Feb 20th

This week on the In The House podcast, Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw discuss the 2019 BC NDP government budget – was it a prudent NDP spending plan or a missed opportunity to get its agenda done?
B.C. NDP hit populist note in throne speech

36:58 | Feb 14th

Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw answer all the important questions about the B.C. NDP government’s throne speech. Why all the populist measures? Can the B.C. government really act on changing your cellphone bill? What do allies and critics think of the speec...Show More
B.C. government moves toward transparency in wake of spending scandal

21:42 | Feb 7th

This week on the In The House podcast, Rob Shaw and guest host Vaughn Palmer discuss a busy time in B.C. politics, including the final count of the Nanaimo byelection, the Auditor General’s look at B.C. Hydro deferral accounts, the legislature being ...Show More
NDP holds while Liberals outlook improves in Nanaimo byelection

25:27 | Jan 31st

Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw discuss the byelection results in Nanaimo, how the Liberals increased their vote but fell short, how the NDP held on to the riding and why the BC Greens collapsed. What does this mean for the future of all three parties?
B.C. spending scandal implicates MLAs of major parties

28:45 | Jan 24th

Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw take a deeper look at the fallout of the Speaker Darryl Plecas report, the political maneuvering by the parties, Plecas’s first public comments to reporters and the troubled history of expenses that implicates MLAs of all part...Show More
Bombshell report on overspending drops at B.C. legislature

21:31 | Jan 22nd

n an emergency podcast, In The House hosts Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw discuss the bombshell report by Speaker Darryl Plecas into what he calls “flagrant overspending” by suspended Clerk Craig James and Sergeant-at-Arms Gary Lenz. Does it vindicate th...Show More
Federal and Provincial By-Election Bedlam

24:17 | Jan 17th

Big developments in two ongoing by-elections – a resignation in the federal race in Burnaby South and the fallout of new speculation tax rules in the provincial race in Nanaimo.
Smyth and Shaw predictions for 2019

27:54 | Jan 10th

Hosts Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw look into the future and share their 2019 predictions for B.C. politics.
BC Premier John Horgan

33:37 | Dec 27th, 2018

Postmedia News hosts Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw discuss key moments in a recent conversation with British Columbia Premier John Horgan.
Green Leader Andrew Weaver

31:25 | Dec 20th, 2018

Postmedia political reporters Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw discuss key moments in a recent conversation with Green Leader Andrew Weaver.
Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson fights for the centre vote

26:01 | Dec 13th, 2018

Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson's comments about setting a new party agenda and looking to the future, the NDP's class war and if there could be an early new year general election.
Victoria in High Gear: Uber, ICBC and More

33:32 | Dec 5th, 2018

Hosts Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw put the recent events in the house aside and look at stories that were overshadowed in the last few weeks.
Troubles in the House

22:36 | Nov 29th, 2018

Postmedia reporters Mike Smyth and Rob Shaw launch the newly revamped IN THE HOUSE podcast with a discussion about the unprecedented events of the last week in the legislature.