We Still Like You

We Still Like You

Do you have a story from your past that makes you feel weird? We Still Like You is a show centered around sharing those stories with friends and strangers. Featuring some of the country's best performers, this show is all about conquering shame as ev...Show More


30:22 | Feb 24th

Ben drinks the orange milk, Jacob gets kicked off multiple boats  With shameful stories involving transportation on the highway with Ben Bartley, and the high seas with Jacob Lowrey  *Lot's of b...Show More

31:36 | Feb 1st

Melissa feels the Toxic Rain, Craig takes his crush to Disney World.  Stories of shame from Melissa Doran and Craig Williams  Check out westilllikeyou.com to find out how you can watch the show ...Show More
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25:22 | May 30th, 2019

Steve comes up with a plan to fit in, Annie crushes a threat to her reign.  Stories of social status from Steve Gerard and Annie Russell  Check out westilllikeyou.com to find out how you can wat...Show More

26:04 | May 2nd, 2019

Sarah's boob is bleeding and she doesn't know why, Calle's mystery illness lands her on The Megyn Kelly Show  With shameful medical mystery stories from Sarah Squirm (@SarahSquirm) and Calle Hack (...Show More

24:26 | Apr 3rd, 2019

Cam tries out flirting techniques from an internet pickup artist, AP gets stuck in a swing. With stories of shame from Cameron Gillette and A. Person Check out westilllikeyou.com to find out h...Show More
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