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True Crime


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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Breakdown podcast returns with host Bill Rankin. He's covering the murder prosecution of Claud "Tex" McIver, a wealthy and politically connected lawyer in Atlanta who shot his wife in the back. McIver claims it was ...Show More

34:06 | Oct 8th

Former Police Officer Chip Olsen takes the stand in a risky gamble to try to get the murder charges against him dismissed. Does it pay off? And his lawyers push a controversial defense used by cops to justify the use of force.Learn more about your ad...Show More

37:29 | Oct 1st

Who is Chip Olsen? The cop who shot and killed Anthony Hill followed an unusual path to the force. We’ll tell you why it’s so rare to indict police officers who kill in the line of duty. And we’ll take you inside the surprising revelation that convin...Show More
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31:43 | Sep 27th

On March 9, 2015, the manager of the Heights at Chamblee apartment complex called 911 to report that a man was wandering the grounds naked in the middle of the afternoon. Soon afterward, he was dead, shot and killed by the DeKalb County police office...Show More

04:28 | Sep 2nd

Anthony Hill was a loving son, talented musician and an Afghanistan War veteran. In 2015, Hill was shot and killed by DeKalb County Police officer Chip Olsen, who was responding to a 911 call of a naked man wandering an apartment complex. Hill was un...Show More

54:21 | Apr 26th, 2018

The jury in the McIver murder case finally comes back -- after four days -- and delivers a confusing verdict that appears to say McIver intended to shoot his wife, Diane, but didn't intend to kill her. The closing arguments, four separate addresses b...Show More
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