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Andy Simpson


I'm an Ed Tech specialist and podcaster in Texas. I started listening to podcasts in 2006 and have been trying my hand at them on and off since 2011. Long-time listener of Bill Simmons and The Relevant Podcast. I'm really digging audio dramas right now.



I've been a podcast listener and creator for a decade. My obsessions are music and films, so I listen to a diverse range of podcasts covering these topics.

Joshua Byrd


Listens to podcasts and writes code.

Amber Johnson


Bring me your non-fiction investigative journalism serialized podcasts



Marketing at Podyssey Learning stuff via audio 🦾 I listen to art & design, mystery, music and interview podcasts



Binger of really really good content



Podcast listener since forever. Love history and stories.



WaitWhat invents boundary-breaking media properties – including Masters of Scale, Meditative Story, and Should This Exist? – that change our cultural landscape. We aim to elicit contagious emotions – awe, wonder, curiosity, mastery.


We’re curators of media, writers and creatives by trade, and a partner to all other creators around the world. We love thoughtful and insightful pods that help you understand concepts and take action in your own daily life. #LiveLikeYouLiveHere

Michelle Price


Interested in everything..just about... and constantly trying to find the most effective way to get great podcasts to me..this hive mind app is looking good so far..

Deadbeats-Aisha C.


Creator of Deadbeats you can follow us at @deadbeats_inc on twitter and IG

Eric Hunt


Eric is a writer, comedian and host and creator of Eric & Gord: What If We're Right? The award-nominated podcast that has been called the second-funnies thing that's ever come out of Canada.



26 yr old from US with interests in travel, current events, reading, movies, and history.

Vancouver Podcast Brunch Club


Collection of podcast playlists & member picks from the Vancouver chapter of the Podcast Brunch Club. It’s like a book club, but for podcasts. Vancouver’s chapter is led by @mm & @danny. For PBC members, press “following”.

Jeremy McClain


Accordionist-composer. Botanist-storyteller. Socio-cultural caricaturist and connoisseur of bullsh*t. Lyme warrior and advocate for the forgotten.

Nicole-Corine Lenhart


Fan of fictional podcasts. Also of podcast about tea.

Ned Donovan


Cast member on Encounter Party! • Co-Host of At the Table: A Play Reading Series • Producer of Living in Fantasy • Former Producer of Millennial • Co-Founder of Charging Moose Media • He/Him • NYC Creator