Shreya Sharma


Empath β€’ Marketer β€’ Storyteller β€’ Listener. I listen to podcasts about quantum physics, metaphysics, literature, Broadway musicals, Greek Myths and Faeries. My dream is to start a classic rock podcast of my own πŸ’œ

Episode Recommendations (13)

shreyaisms recommended:Sep 14th

I love Lindsay and Kaveh! Whether a musical hater or a musical lover, you'll surely find this entertaining.

I thought this episode was:

😊 Delightful
πŸ’¬ A great conversation
🀣 Absolutely hilarious

13: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

by MusicalSplaining

shreyaisms recommended:Sep 8th

This episode tackles something I've always wondered - how do most Americans remember important days but still ignore them? Sarah's slow but poignant discovery of her Cherokee past is a beautiful listen. I was enraptured.

I thought this episode was:

πŸŒ… A beautiful story
😒 Moving

716: Trail of Tears

by This American Life

shreyaisms recommended:Sep 7th

The premise of this fictional podcast is both fascinating and eerie. Allow this story to stretch your imagination wider. Plus each episode is only 6 minutes! As a self-proclaimed Alice in the Wonderland connoisseur, I recommend this.

I thought this episode was:

πŸ‘ Well-produced
πŸ“ Well-written

Maddeningly Mundane

by Phantomwise