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alicialoveread recommended:Feb 4th, 2020

I believe in the morning practice - cultivating the experience that we want to have in the world must start the moment we open our eyes and return to our "reality"... I love the sharing of how important this is, especially how gratitude and intentions are in setting up the day - and eventually life...Show More

4. Best Morning Ever! Get the Scoop on Our Morning Routines

by Get the Glowdown

alicialoveread recommended:Feb 4th, 2020

I love Willow's statement that we are all vibrational beings, and that we are all connected to all that is. The enormity of that statement is undervalued by most of our culture at present because if our beliefs, thoughts and actions stemmed from that knowing, we would be a very different human race ...Show More

Ep. #124: Human Design as a Tool for Energy Mastery with Willow Rising

by Living Open | Modern Magick and Spirituality for Mystics and Seekers

alicialoveread recommended:Feb 4th, 2020

The morning practice is so imperative to cultivating the experience that we want to have in the world, and I love how Lalah shares how important it is, "setting up the energetics of (her) day", to nourish her vibrational body, and stay rooted and grounded. And then she talks about the inner smile - ...Show More

120: How to Harness the Power of Daily Awareness with Lalah Delia

by Feel Good Effect

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