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Podyssey Picks (Apr 4): Top Community Recommendations

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Here鈥檚 this week鈥檚 roundup of top podcasts and playlist recommendations from the Podyssey community. From why iPhone apps are priced at $0.99 to stories of what it鈥檚 like working on a cargo ship, there鈥檚 lots to binge on this week!

We鈥檙e also excited to spotlight a new podcast called Spy Affair, from our sponsor Wondery. Get an inside look at the true story of the arrest of an alleged Russian operative with Spy Affair.

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Podyssey Picks (Apr 4): Top Community Recommendations

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How a viral Instagram photo destroyed this popular jam-on-toast restaurant.

The history of how Latino music *finally* topped charts in the US.

La Vida Loca Edici贸n

La Vida Loca Edici贸n

Hit Parade | Music History and Music Trivia

1:37:56 | Mar 31st, 2020

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A murderous New York club promoter killed a man and the NYC club scene at the same time.

What is socialism actually? A socialist economist explains.

A mini-series about the quest to make the perfect pasta shape.

The wacky story of why iPhone apps are only $0.99.

Hear what it鈥檚 like to work on a cargo ship like the one that was stuck in the Suez Canal.

She left with an unidentified man at a gas station 鈥 then her decomposed body was found off a highway.

The shocking social and environmental costs of mining lithium for batteries, even though we need it to stop climate change.

She found out she was dating a con-man and made a podcast about it.

鉁 Podcast Partner Spotlight: Spy Affair (Sponsored)

Spy Affair, is an inside look at the shocking true story of Maria Butina, an alleged Russian operative, arrested on charges of being a foreign agent. It is a story about deception, appearances, and the consequences of trusting the wrong person.

Spy Affair


+1 FAN

馃憠 Featured Episode: Start with the trailer of Spy Affair.

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Podyssey Picks (Apr 4): Top Community Recommendations

11 episodes

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