Spectacular Failures
Spectacular Failures

Sqirl finds itself in a jam

37:57 | Oct 5th, 2020

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The Los Angeles restaurant Sqirl had lines down the block for brunches that featured its famous house-made jams on toast. But then a photo of discarded mold scraped from the jam, snapped by someone in...Show More


mm recommended:Mar 30th

The toast on bread did sound super yummy minus the gentrification and throw-up worthy IG photo...

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🥜 Nuts

nrichwine recommended:Mar 29th

I like how this host doesn't seem to just jump on and tear apart the subject of the episode. She acknowledges that the initial enormous fury at the mold was probably because of people's love of negativity and later on investigations were more about truth-seeking. She's funny and not at all sensation...Show More

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🤓 Insightful
👍 Well-produced

mmApr 1st

@nrichwine She definitely didn’t jump right in for sure. I was waiting soooo long for the “spectacular failure” part. Ironically I wanna try jam and ricotta on toast now 🙈