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The Dropout

The Whistleblower

42:42 | Feb 13th

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With Theranos technology now being used by real customers, many employees are at a breaking point. They are horrified by what they believe to be widespread deception and dangerous practices, but Theranos has implemented increasingly extreme measures ...Show More

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alicekoFeb 23rd

Thank god for Tyler for standing up to his powerful grandfather and family. This story shocks me more and more w/ each episode. Showcases the scary impact of group think & bullying.

mmFeb 23rd

Beyond group think and bullying, it's also scary how even supposedly the "smartest" people, media, and public can be deceived. I think a big part of Theranos' scamming success is because everyone wanted to believe so much that it was real. A young woman revolutionizing the medical industry in a positive way - who wouldn't want to wish that to be reality. I remember reading an article about a scientist who joined the board later on who said something along the lines that "even if it wasn't working right now, we need to get it to work, because it has potential to make a positive difference."

alicekoFeb 24th

@mm I agree - if some of the smartest people in the world were deceived by this scam - what are “regular” people scammed by? Also... the stories that Tyler recalled of his grandfather adamantly refusing to believe his OWN grandson is scary... shows how much he himself didn’t want to see the truth

mmFeb 24th

@aliceko Yea, George Schultz probably felt he had too much of his reputation on the line to think otherwise...or he genuinely believed it and was duped by Elizabeth. But then again, him being on the board was all part of the scam too. He was offering up his reputation as cover up for no medical expertise on the board and recruited his powerful friends to be on it too! I hope there’s an interview with him later in the series that will reveal his thinking.

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mmFeb 13th

Another episode that's a knock out of the park! Thank goodness for the bravery of Schultz' grandson, Tyler.