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aliceko recommended:Mar 26th

Fascinating deep dive into restaurants and why items are priced accordingly. We don't realize how much work goes into running restaurants.... my heart goes out to all the restaurant owners and restaurant workers who are unable to work now. Learn more about: peak hours, starting a restaurant, buildi...Show More

A Table For Two, Please?

Talk Money with Mesh Lakhani

aliceko recommended:Mar 22nd

What would you do after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer? Go have as much sex as you can? This came highly recommend to me. Great story to escape in these uncertain times. I can't believe this is a true story!!!

Happy Endings | 1

Dying For Sex

aliceko recommended:Mar 13th

Great summary of impact in Canada. Social distancing in Canada is the way to go to flatten the curve. lululemon declared a 'one week' WFH policy. Not good enough. Shopify, Vancity etc other companies in Vancouver have already declared full WFH policies.

Coronavirus: WHO says COVID-19 is a pandemic

Front Burner