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aliceko recommended:Sep 1st

@americaturner this is a great series that @mm introduced me to. You'll LOVE it.

Core Concept #1: Skills, Experiences, And Talents (S.E.T.) For Strong Teams

by Lead Through Strengths

aliceko recommended:Sep 1st

My favorite Strengths podcast @américaturner listen to Season 3 and 4 - they have individual episodes about each Strength!!! @melody @serena @shreya are there any other Strengths podcasts that América should listen to?

Individualization -- Delving Through a Lens of Uniqueness -- Theme Thursday Season 3

by Gallup Theme Thursday

aliceko recommended:Aug 13th

This episode made me cry as it explored and explained systemic racism from an economic lens from three Black entrepreneurs who were dealing with the aftermath of the BLM protests AND COVID-19. When Kris from Attom was explaining how his shop was vandalized... my heart... when Chris was explaining...Show More

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Black in Business

by Talk Money with Mesh Lakhani

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