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Formerly finance • Marketing entrepreneur • Vancouver, NYC & Medellín • I listen to podcasts about health, longevity, news, Hamilton, startups, business & how to become a better person. My newsletter > IG @thisisaliceko

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aliceko recommended:Jan 24th

Why the departure of Harry and Meghan from Royal life has eerie parallels to Brexit. B/c the ppl who voted to leave the EU 'imagined' a greater Britain in the future... but what they may actually get is a diminished country and monarchy...Incredibly insightful episode! "...the same forces that push...Show More

Why 'Megxit' Matters

The Daily

aliceko recommended:Jan 22nd

Loving this new trailer from thinkspace. It ALL STARTS WITH HOW YOU THINK. Weekly on Tuesdays.

START HERE: The thinkspace podcast trailer

ThinkSpace Podcast

aliceko recommended:Jan 20th

As if I didn't love Hamilton enough... absolutely brilliant analysis into the genius of Lin Manuel Miranda. I EVEN LEARNED THINGS I DIDN'T KNOW! For instance around 29 minute mark - what Kirk said about the "perfect fourth" blew my mind... For those of you who haven't seen the show yet, each charact...Show More

"Satisfied" from Hamilton

Strong Songs