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Hebah Fisher


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hebahfisher recommended:Apr 6th

I remember the first time I heard Radiolab. It was in 2008, and my friend sent me an email with a link to one of their hour-long podcast episodes. It took me weeks to finally click play (who has time to spend an hour listening, anyway?). I finally listened on a long car ride… and I was hooked for li...Show More

Jad Abumrad: Radio Host

by Al Empire

hebahfisher recommended:Dec 23rd, 2019

Thanks for suggesting us, @danny! @epekilis My Indian Life looks super interesting, I'm adding to my list now :)


by Kalki Presents: My Indian Life

hebahfisher recommended:Dec 18th, 2019

Love loved this episode. @alexatack was Maurice Chehab a real prince?

Collateral Damage

by Kerning Cultures | Middle East

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