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Cozy podcast & audiodrama connoisseur. Can be found on IG and Twitter as @moiramaranski

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mmaran recommended:Jan 28th

Finding this podcast was the answer to what was possibly the most specific wish to ever cross my mind: two ladies, geeking out over Lord of the Rings. My wish was along the lines of "oh hey, I've listened to lot of geeky fantasy analysis by guys (which I have loved), it would be awesome to sit down ...Show More

Speak Friend and Enter Deep Lore: The creation of Middle-Earth

by Speak Friend and Enter

mmaran recommended:Jan 28th

Girl In Space is *the* podcast that got me into podcast audio dramas, and It. Is. Excellent. All of the usual issues you expect with early episodes is non existent, and in my opinion Girl in Space starts off with strong audio and storytelling straight off the bat and continues to hold your attention...Show More

101: Cheese Is Delicious Science

by Girl In Space | A Sci-Fi Mystery Audio Drama

mmaran recommended:Jan 28th

This two-part episode on fear is incredibly interesting and helpful. It really helped to change how I think of my own anxiety-driven responses, and the personal and social repercussions of teaching our kids to be afraid of fear itself.

Fearology Pt. 1 (FEAR) with Mary Poffenroth -- Encore Presentation

by Ologies

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