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Sheelagh Caygill


I'm a podcaster, writer, and poet based in Toronto. I host The Communicate Influence Podcast. My interests include journalism, politics, psychology, poetry, health, and film. I'm planning to work on a new, personal podcast and blog about abandonment.

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outdoorsblue recommended:Feb 9th

What podcast will I listen to next? We all ask this question a lot these things. I talked to almost a dozen of my show's listeners and got some fantastic recommendations, covering health, comedy, marketing, and writing. Have a listen, and I'd love some feedback. I'm also looking for participants in ...Show More

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outdoorsblue recommended:Jan 25th

The host is very self-aware and also well-read. He talks about issues in a way that shares knowledge and never presents as a victim.

About Oprah and Abandonment

by Absent Father Podcast

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