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Planet in Focus


Now in our 20th year, Planet in Focus is Canada’s largest environmental film festival 📽🌎 We use film as a catalyst for change and engagement on environmental issues. See the bigger picture at #PIF2019 Oct 15-20:

Episode Recommendations (9)

planetinfocus recommended:Oct 11th, 2019

After PIF attended the Global Climate Strike in Toronto on September 27th it felt appropriate to mention the media coverage in the city following the march. With an estimate of 50 000 people taking to the streets, it’s vital to ensure that the momentum and public dialogue around the climate crisis c...Show More

SHORT CUTS #232 - National Paper Won't Cover National Climate March


planetinfocus recommended:Oct 11th, 2019

Highlighting the climate change catastrophe currently facing Canada. Listen to real stories from Canadian perspectives all around the country who are facing the effects of climate change first hand. Understanding the issues across Canada is vital to understanding the collectiveness of a country that...Show More

CRUDE 10 - The Apocalypse is Now


planetinfocus recommended:Oct 11th, 2019

It’s that time again, the Canadian Federal Election is on October 21st 2019. Now more than ever climate change is on the front lines, so why is it still up for debate in Canada?

SHORTS CUTS #227 - Scandal? What Scandal?