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18:59 | Sep 30th

If you guessed this is where you'd find Canada's lowest unemployment numbers, and growing concerns that a lack of workers would hold back a booming economy, come collect your prize. Unfortunately, with all that growth comes some of the problems faced...Show More

22:06 | Sep 23rd

Garbage dumps. Industrial plants. Factories that use toxic chemicals. Nobody wants them in their neighbourhood. But they have to go somewhere. And historically, there's been a very clear pattern to where they end up. And when a professor at Dalhou...Show More
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25:41 | May 3rd

It's not just the market in your city. Or your neighbourhood. Or your budget or financial situation. There's a shadowy global financial practice at work that is fuelling the housing crisis in cities around the world. And nobody knows how to stop it. ...Show More

19:26 | Apr 9th

Maybe share this episode with your uncle, who posted some weird stuff last week. Or your grandma. Or your dad. Our older relatives are being fed a diet of digital lies, and it's our fault, collectively. In the middle of a big push for digital literac...Show More

21:23 | Feb 13th

Things you might think a sophisticated first-world country would know about its citizens...we simply don't. Numbers and information that might help researchers and planners find answers and direct their efforts aren't available. Some data just isn't ...Show More
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