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Will Coronavirus Kill This Deal? (#85, WYL)

38:42 | Mar 11th

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There’s a tried and true playbook in tech: get a ton of users, then figure out how to monetize them. Today’s founder, Ofo Ezeugwu, has plenty of users on his site, but the investors press Ofo about hi...Show More

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We do believe the virus will have lasting effect on business models but if the founders are the ones you bet on, they will adapt

mmMar 26th I'm worried that there are good companies that won't be able to adapt because of the freak situation that covid is :(

mm recommended:Mar 12th

Should you be SaaS or consumer marketplace? All the investors have different opinions. Plus whether the coronavirus will mess up early stage startup funding at the end... :(

mmMar 15th This is also relevant to you for biz model and funding

danny recommended:Mar 12th

This wasn't really about coronavirus but if a company can service consumers and businesses at the same time. Good discussion from the judges.

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