The Unwritable Rant

Juliette Miranda

Author and occasional misanthrope Juliette Miranda shares bourbon-soaked life stories, misadventures, and celebrity interviews.


31:37 | Mar 8th

Juliette finds an unusual carcass, enjoys hunting, introduces Raven, appreciates differences, participates in the height of adolescent nightlife, shoots out a star, lays claim to a duck, employs princ...Show More

26:52 | Mar 1st

Juliette abuses another friendship, borrows a boat, comes with a mess, tries to follow the rules, moves to the floor, becomes drunk hungry, violates a skillet, hears voices, navigates a nightmare, itc...Show More
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24:27 | Feb 16th

Juliette delivers two middle fingers, shacks up with The Informant, wears a dirty crumb, is unable to rustle up a gig, answers a pounding, feels her teeth move, takes stock, experiences an adrenaline ...Show More

25:23 | Feb 2nd

Juliette celebrates her birthday, recognizes the tolerance of Texas, settles on the less gratuitous Rooster, is too deviant for a dating site, witnesses tongue twirling, pretends it’s her party, gets ...Show More

23:53 | Jan 25th

Juliette speaks with Grammy-nominated musician Kip Winger. Kip got his start playing bass for Alice Cooper. He formed rock band Winger in the 80s, who is still touring and making music today. He is al...Show More
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