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Ever find yourself in a conversation about race and identity where you just get...stuck? Code Switch can help. We're all journalists of color, and this isn't just the work we do. It's the lives we lead. Sometimes, we'll make you laugh. Other times, y...Show More

46:59 | Jan 1st

So many people's New Year's resolutions are centered around getting in shape, updating their skincare routine, and generally being more attractive. But beauty ideals have a funny way of reinforcing so...Show More

aliceko recommended:

Omg. No words for this episode. For New Year's, instead of losing weight - get your mind right. This episode from from Code Switch, a race a...Show More

32:35 | Aug 21st, 2019

It's a widely accepted truth: reading Shakespeare is good for you. But what should we do with all of the bigoted themes in his work? We talk to a group of high schoolers who put on the Merchant Of Ven...Show More

apatheticfemme recommended:

This episode gives a really interesting view of how bigoted views are formed and how trying to subvert these older texts to fit a modern na...Show More

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35:21 | Jun 12th, 2019

Every two weeks a language dies with its last speaker. That was the fate of Hawaiian, until a group of second-language learners put up a fight and declared, "E Ola Ka 'Olelo Hawai'i" (The Hawaiian Lan...Show More

michelle_ebooks recommended:

an incredibly powerful movement of a community dedicated to revitalizing a language against (american) colonialism. so moving it made me cry...Show More

43:16 | Oct 18th, 2017

Too many young, black men struggle in America's education system. Washington D.C. is trying to do something about it with a new, boys-only high school. NPR's Cory Turner and Education Week's Kavitha C...Show More

epekilis recommended:

Moving episode about an experimental high school in DC aimed at providing black male students with positive black male role models on the te...Show More

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