Ginkgo Love

42:08 | Jul 2nd, 2020

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In 2016, we produced an episode about the ginkgo tree titled "Ginkgo Stink." With its fan-shaped leaves and golden fall foliage, the Ginkgo biloba is a beautiful tree with an incredible history dating...Show More


mm recommended:Jul 7th, 2020

This public radio podcast published a racist episode about the stinky ginkgo tree awhile back. But instead of just taking it off their feed, one of their new producers produced a segment about his cultural relationship with the gingko tree and a critical analysis of race and food. It's everything yo...Show More

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mmJul 7th, 2020

@epekilis @rosaguac @michelle_ebooks @jennx @serena You'll enjoy this episode about the stinky ginkgo tree, but it's not what you'd expect.

jennxJul 7th, 2020

@mm This sounds right up my alley! Going to give it a listen

epekilisJul 8th, 2020

@mm thanks for the recommendation. Really liked the way they handled it. I respect the concept of discussing and contextualizing things rather than erasing/cancelling them. When you cancel historical offences it’s as if they don’t exist, and the learning opportunity is lost. Plus I learned that t...Show More

mmJul 8th, 2020

@epekilis They handled it really well! Also lucky you with the male ginkgo!

jennx recommended:Jul 8th, 2020

Gingko trees are both beautiful and have cultural significance. Yet they are referred to as “shit fruit.” Producer Felix Poon shares his personal relationship with the ginkgo tree and explores the long history of food-related racism in the US, and how immigrants are racialized as the “other” from th...Show More

I thought this episode was:

🤔 Thought-provoking