Stimulus package stalled, how Airbnb, Tesla and Uber fare during COVID-19, and Corey Johnson (NYC Speaker) on small businesses and New York on “PAUSE"

1:08:01 | Mar 24th

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Kara and Scott talk about the stimulus package in limbo and the Defense Production Act. They break down how tech companies like Lyft, Airbnb and Tesla are pivoting in the COVID-19 crisis. They think A...Show More


mm recommended:Mar 26th

"In frothy times, we look to nose rings and beards for visionaries...In periods of stress and crisis, we want grey hair." ⬅️ This.

beaupsy recommended:Mar 24th

I thought this episode was really good. Some real talk about interesting ways to look at investment opportunities and feeling like I'm getting to know the hosts during these trying times. And Scott's burst out moments still crack me up.

mmMar 24th

LIstening to this right away! Have you tried the Prof G show yet? Any thoughts if you have? I wasn't 100% into the trailer in the WeCrashed podcast, but trust your taste/judgement in this area.

mmMar 24th

@beaupsy And Galloway reading the makeup ad at the beginning...On every pause on a jargon-ey word, I feel like he's on the edge of bursting into a rant about it. 😂

beaupsyMar 25th

@mm I really liked Prof G. Loved his guest. He can sometimes come off a little crass, but it's worth hearing the authenticity behind his words. One of the few business voices that does not filter or sound scripted.

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