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Claude Beaupre


Podcast enthusiast 🔊 (and self-proclaimed consultant) since 2016. I can recommend the perfect podcast episode for nearly any moment in your life... except anything sports related. 🥱

Episode Recommendations (16)

beaupsy recommended:May 21st

The formulation of clips, voiceovers and narration is just brilliant! Best played on a Sunday walk.

Five: The Accidental Emperor

by Rabbit Hole

beaupsy recommended:Mar 25th

Always great to listen to these three brilliant people, but even more so when all the issues they are talking about are incredibly timely. They've gone to two episodes a week given the times. Subscribe nooow!

The Housing Crisis, and Helping Renters During the Pandemic

by After Hours

beaupsy recommended:Mar 24th

I thought this episode was really good. Some real talk about interesting ways to look at investment opportunities and feeling like I'm getting to know the hosts during these trying times. And Scott's burst out moments still crack me up.

Stimulus package stalled, how Airbnb, Tesla and Uber fare during COVID-19, and Corey Johnson (NYC Speaker) on small businesses and New York on “PAUSE"

by Pivot

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