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Join Griffin McElroy and Nick Robinson as they create a new video game every week – with your help.

56:50 | Jul 22nd, 2017

This time around, the boys get all hung up on the idea of a multiplayer cooperative mountain-scaling game — complete with a shaky alliances, werewolf-style lying, and Mountain Justice™.

59:21 | Jul 28th, 2017

Link's CrossFit Training, a Taken roguelike based with randomized "particular sets of skills," a game where the goal is not to rhyme, and toys-to-life but for marbles.
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54:09 | Jul 7th, 2017

This week, we make DDR Go, a game about adding new bones to your skeleton, and a 4X strategy game about dating world leaders. Also, Marina from Splatoon 2 is there.

51:11 | Jul 1st, 2017

After a few false starts with an anti-tycoon game concept and a Miitomo + Tinder hybrid, we settle into what might be our greatest idea yet: a marriage of Scribblenauts and Bookworm Adventures that re...Show More

53:51 | Jun 24th, 2017

We return from E3 chock-full of inspiration, which leads us to design a DDR game for horses, Call of Duty's new wizard class, and a video game loosely inspired by the parlour game Exquisite Corpse.
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