HumorUs Podcast

HumorUs Podcast

HumorUs is a podcast about everything and nothing with laughs about every day nonsense

1:08:56 | Nov 14th

Mel and Kim get together this week to discuss ‘Joker’…we discuss the movie,but more so the controversy around it,how we felt about the call outs the movie made,mental health and so much more. This is completely out of the norm from our usual episodes...Show More

1:06:13 | Nov 8th

Join Mel and Kim this week as they discuss how and why we as a society are so quick to judge for things that we may have done ourselves if things were different. Also, Mel randomly discovers she may have contracted pogonophobia somewhere along the wa...Show More
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1:04:10 | Oct 17th

Join Mel,Britt and Mike this week when we sit down to discuss the ridiculous challenges that have been sensationalized by the internet!

59:51 | Sep 15th

Mel and The Real Mrs.Jones are back as promised to share some amazingly funny teenage boys stories for you! You won’t want to miss it! Shout-Out of thanks to James for the great material you have given us just by being you

56:55 | Aug 14th

Join Mel and Vin as we pull Tobias in this week for another one of our good ole fashion(and dirty)games of Would You Rather?!

1:01:27 | Aug 8th

Join Mel,Vin and Tobias this week where Mel brings up a morning show question she heard about gold diggers and was appalled by the answers that were given..which led to a whole conversation about it until of course, it took a turn(like usual on the s...Show More

1:04:09 | Aug 1st

Join Mel, Vin, and Tobias as they take on yet another hour of peoples complaints!

1:01:45 | Jul 24th

Decker and Sammy join Mel,Vin,and Toby this week to finally reveal the back story of Sammys line( It’s because of Susi) that has become famous on our won’t want to miss it! Also..would you take a bee sting for the greater good of the world?...Show More

58:19 | Jul 18th

This week Mel brings both of her partners (Vin from HumorUs and Toby from the up and coming- The Mel and Tobias show)together for the first time to collab and get some things straight once and for all..also it is finally revealed what is in Vins myst...Show More

1:01:57 | Jul 10th

We are Back with “The Arnie J0nes Show”  Join Arnie, Mel and Vin when they are joined by “The King Of Krass” to talk about what happens at The Joneses house when they throw down and party…and as always..they get off the beaten path and call Decker an...Show More

58:27 | Jun 21st

Mel and Vin are finally back from their hiatus and they come back with a vengeance! Dont miss Mel complaining about her road trip woes as Vin calls her out for having the audacity to do so.. that;s right..the sibling rivalry and these crazy kids are ...Show More

1:05:19 | May 2nd

Join Mel,Britt and Vin this week when Tina comes on to make this a completely hilarious family affair!

1:24:09 | Apr 26th

Join Mel,Britt and Kim this week where they start off talking about The Flat Earth subject which spirals out of control with other conspiracy theories and the people who believe them.

1:01:18 | Apr 2nd

Join Mel and Kim this week as we do something so near and dear to our hearts..Raise Awareness for Autism! We will share our personal stories and stress some very important things that parents need to know upon diagnosis. We hope that you will help us...Show More

1:01:26 | Mar 27th

Join us this week when Mel, Vin, and Kim throw out real-life scenarios and ask each other if they would take advantage of the situations at hand. ( I think we all know who said yes across the board

1:27:10 | Mar 13th

Mel and Vin recorded our 100th episode this week(well,more like 187 episodes),but you will hear THAT story along with so much more behind the scenes stuff that you never about our show. Cheers to our first 100..and we look forward to the next!

56:09 | Mar 7th

Join Mel and Vin to hear the story behind this note and get an inside glimpse of how they talk to eachother on the daily that will leave you wondering…what in the fuck are they saying?! You have 5 minutes to drink this…annnndddd….GO!

1:06:17 | Feb 27th

You asked for it,you got it! Join Mel and Vin this week where they bring our relationship expert,Miri in(per your request)to hear her views on the whole ‘situationship’ topic. Thank you all who have written in about this subject, your thoughts will b...Show More

1:07:33 | Feb 20th

This week Mel,Britt,and Vin sit down to discuss celebrity crushes…the good,the bad,and the embarrassing. We also hope you have fun trying to say our Ep. title out loud this week!

1:07:46 | Feb 13th

Join Mel and Britt this week when they decide to one up the pet peeves and just keep it real by reading “Dear Asshole” letters to the person behind their frustrations!

1:05:01 | Feb 7th

Mel and Vin are back with another installment of your pet peeves. It never ceases to amaze us how many actually exist. For the listener who wrote in “The person who always ruins a picture by sticking out their tongue” Mel says this picture is for you...Show More

1:13:05 | Jan 30th

Join us this week to find out why this may have been Mel and Britts last selfie ever unbeknownst to them when they took this pre-flight photo… also,why Mel always travels looking shady af in her uni-bomber getup and so much more!

1:06:15 | Jan 22nd

Join Mel and Britt for some laughs this week as they discuss New Years Resolutions and how quickly they can downward spiral into fail-ville!

1:03:50 | Jan 9th

Join us this week when Mel, Britt ,and Vin pull John and Sammy in to the judgement zone for another adult style round of the classic game “Would You Rather?”

1:05:23 | Jan 2nd

This week Mel,Vin,and Kim get off the beaten path a little bit and go on a tangent about the court system and how it is not always justice served!

1:04:09 | Dec 22nd, 2018

In honor of our 3 year anniversary we are going to release our pilot episode this week for our Christmas episode. If you have heard it already..its been listen again..and to all new listeners..I hope you enjoy listening to our very first e...Show More

1:02:09 | Dec 12th, 2018

Do you ever feel like you had to ask this question WAY too many times lately? Join Mel,Britt,Shannon,and Kim this week when we discuss why this may be and more importantly..why we settle for it!

1:06:48 | Dec 5th, 2018

Join Mel,Britt,and Vin when we sit down and discuss how we all claim to hate drama and yet…somehow we all get sucked into the world of Reality TV shows…which ironically is..ALL DRAMA!

1:02:35 | Nov 28th, 2018

Join Mel,Britt,Kim,and Vin this week where we take on a bit of a more serious tone and get into debates of Politics,Social Media,Cyber Bullying,Privacy Issues and more…

1:08:39 | Nov 21st, 2018

Join us today when Mel,Britt and Vin exchange some funny and ridiculously embarrassing stories about their gaming obsessions!