StartUp Diary

Adam Callow

Get the inside scoop of what it's like to build a business from scratch to a ten person team. It's not all pretty, but it's real.


10:40 | Mar 31st

Today's episode of the Startup Diary is a quick follow up to Monday's episode. Yesterday Adam shared how he came back to the week with a refocused mind but didn't explain what his process was. Today h...Show More

31:11 | Mar 30th

In today's episode of the Startup Diary Adam reflects on the previous week which he considers unproductive. After some time to reflect and re-focus he's come back with a new frame of mind and feels mo...Show More
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48:33 | Mar 23rd

In today's episode of the Startup Diary Podcast we answer questions from our community.  Questions we're in response to Adam over in the facebook group. If you're not part of the community you can jo...Show More

18:44 | Mar 21st

As we all try and adapt to 'these uncertain times' we share a couple of tips to stay focused working from home.  That will never work - the birth of Netflix  Why don’t you join our community of likem...Show More

20:04 | Mar 20th

The effects of the virus continue to force changes in the business. This time, an imminent hire has had to be put on hold! Why don’t you join our community of likeminded entrepreneurs. Join the Busin...Show More
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