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Target USA Podcast by WTOP


Whether its terrorists, anarchists, cyber criminals or nation states, America has a target on its back. WTOP National Security Correspondent J.J. Green investigates the threats facing the U.S., the people behind them, the agencies fighting them and t...Show More


28:39 | May 21st

For almost a decade, the only way for Americans to get into space was to buy a seat on a Russian rocket. That changes today. In her first broadcast interview USAF Secretary Barbara Barrett discusses t...Show More

24:40 | May 14th

Is it possible the COVID-19 virus was already circulating in the U.S. in November? Noted pathologist Dr. Judy Melinek says, "It's not just possible, it's likely."
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25:14 | May 7th

The US and China are on a collision course. It’s been taking shape for decades, but COVID-19 has brought this all to a head a lot sooner than most people imagined. We investigate it on this episode.

28:28 | Apr 30th

For weeks now, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been out of sight, prompting many to believe he's dead or very ill. In this episode, Ambassador Joe Detrani, one of the world's preeminent experts on...Show More

28:33 | Apr 23rd

Former CIA covert operative Robert Baer says US intelligence still doesn't know exactly where the COVID 19 virus came from. Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo, a scholar and epidemiologist from John's Hopkins Univer...Show More
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