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Already Gone

Already Gone

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Sharing stories of the missing, the lost, the mysterious and the murdered.

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57:49 | Sep 7th, 2017

In June of 2010 seven year old Kyron Horman disappeared from Skyline Elementary in Portland, Oregon. Despite comprehensive searches of the area, no trace of Kyron was ever discovered. #missing...Show More
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A fresh, unbiased look at this fascinating case.

35:29 | Jul 1st

This episode discusses the 1995 murder of Scott Amedure at the hands of Jonathan Schmitz after the two men appeared at a taping of the Jenny Jones Show titled "my same sex crush".  #Murder #Michigan ...Show More
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05:01 | Jun 22nd

It's February 2nd 1922, and all of Hollywood is about to wake up and learn that William Desmond Taylor, the most famous film director in town, was murdered in his home last night. The investigation ...Show More

33:43 | Jun 15th

In the summer of 2010, serial killer Elias Abuelazam held Flint and surrounding communities under his sway as he attacked and murdered more than a dozen Black men. Abuelazam is also responsible for at...Show More

38:43 | Jun 1st

6 year old Timmothy Pitzen, a resident of Aurora, IL, went missing in May of 2011. He was taken from school by his mother, Amy Fry Pitzen. Amy died by suicide and Timmothy has never been located.  ...Show More
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