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There's a whole lot of stuff out there to buy. We're talking about all the things you eat, drink, wear and even smoke. Every other week we're going to take a look at one part of the universe of consumable stuff. We'll delve into why we spend our mone...Show More
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Introducing "What Goes Up," A New Show From Bloomberg

02:28 | Apr 16th

On this new show from Bloomberg, hosts Mike Regan and Sarah Ponczek speak with expert guests each week about the main themes influencing global markets. They explore everything from stocks to bonds to currencies and commodities, and how each asset cl...Show More
Introducing "Works For Me," A New Podcast From Bloomberg

03:26 | Jan 10th

On this new show from Bloomberg, hosts Francesca Levy and Rebecca Greenfield navigate the productivity industry by way of their own experiences. In each episode, one of the two becomes a human guinea pig as she tries to solve a specific work-related ...Show More
Travel Genius, a New Show From Bloomberg

02:35 | Nov 8th, 2018

What’s the most sure-fire way to get a flight upgrade? How can you find the best, secret local restaurants by asking just one question? What's the first thing you should do when you get into a hotel room? On Bloomberg's new podcast Travel Genius, we'...Show More
Prognosis, a New Show From Bloomberg

02:16 | Nov 2nd, 2018

Where does a medical cure come from? 100 years ago, it wasn't uncommon for scientists to test medicines by taking a dose themselves. As medical technologies get cheaper and more accessible, patients and DIY tinkerers are trying something similar—and ...Show More
BONUS: The Pay Check, Episode 6

29:42 | Jun 13th, 2018

So far, the pay gap has proved pretty impossible to solve. But most of us aren’t just going to sit here and accept that we’ll be paid less than men for our entire careers. In the last episode of The Pay Check, host Rebecca Greenfield talks to Gaby Du...Show More
BONUS: The Pay Check, Episode 5

25:23 | Jun 8th, 2018

The pay gap goes way deeper than just men's and women's salaries—that's why just paying women more doesn't solve the problem. In this episode, Claire Suddath talks to Salesforce.com Inc., the San Francisco software company that began doing pay equity...Show More
BONUS: The Pay Check, Episode 4

28:10 | May 30th, 2018

Can companies be shamed into closing the pay gap? A new law in the U.K. requires companies with more than 250 employees to publicly disclose their gender pay gaps. More than 10,000 companies reported by the April deadline, revealing differences in me...Show More
BONUS: The Pay Check, Episode 3

24:05 | May 23rd, 2018

Skeptics say the gender pay gap is explained by choices women make about family and career. Rebecca Greenfield unpacks those arguments with the help of professors from Harvard and Georgetown. Then, Jordyn Holman goes inside a contract negotiation bet...Show More
BONUS: The Pay Check, Episode 2

27:11 | May 16th, 2018

There was a brief moment 150 years ago when it looked like women might get equal pay for equal work. But they didn’t—and that set the standard for decades to come. On this episode of the Pay Check, Rebecca Greenfield revisits a Civil War-era sex scan...Show More
BONUS: Listen to The Pay Check

24:41 | May 9th, 2018

In the first episode of The Pay Check, we go deep on pay discrimination. Host Rebecca Greenfield tells us about an equal pay fight in her own family. We take you inside a gender discrimination case against Goldman Sachs that’s been unfolding for over...Show More
Movie Theaters Want You Back, So They're Rushing to Modernize

24:43 | Dec 26th, 2017

For many people, going to movies in the theater is more of a hassle than a joy -- why sit in an uncomfortable chair and spend upwards of $10 to get a ticket, plus the cost of popcorn and a drink? As the number of shows on television and subscription ...Show More
Wal-Mart Gets Ready For Virtual Reality Shopping

22:50 | Dec 12th, 2017

Retail has been undergoing a rapid, extreme time of change that hasn't happened  since online shopping came on the scene 20 years  ago. Companies like Wal-Mart,  the biggest retailer in the world, are trying to get ahead of the next trends  in how pe...Show More
Global Warming Is Coming for Your Shopping Cart

23:50 | Nov 28th, 2017

The impact of climate change on the things we buy is already noticeable, but it’s bound to get worse. In future decades, the food we eat, beverages we drink and clothes we wear may all be altered by the warming planet. In the second of two episodes a...Show More
How Climate Change Affects What You Buy

20:19 | Nov 15th, 2017

Climate change is already worsening extreme weather events -- from hurricanes to wildfires -- and beginning to affect the U.S. economy and consumers. This episode is the first in a two-part series on climate and commerce. This week, Lindsey and Jenny...Show More
Yogurt Battle Puts Big Food Struggles on Display

26:51 | Oct 31st, 2017

 Big Food's having a tough time, and yogurt is no exception. Large, bureaucratic food companies have trouble keeping up with consumers looking for fresh ingredients and new products. Newcomers like Chobani are beating out old standbys such as General...Show More
Is New York Fashion Week Still On Trend?

20:36 | Oct 17th, 2017

Last month, fashion lovers got a taste of what's going to be in this spring as designers and models took to runways from New York to London to Paris and Milan. But as customers look for instant gratification and retailers rush to get clothes on shelv...Show More
The Evolution of Coffee, America's Favorite Drink

20:59 | Oct 3rd, 2017

The majority of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee every day. The kinds of drinks and the companies producing them have changed dramatically over the past few decades. Consumers increasingly want their caffeine kick to be gourmet and iced. Me...Show More
The Disruption of the Jewelry Industry

19:13 | Sep 25th, 2017

Millennials are blamed for disrupting a lot of industries, from cereal to soap, and now they're wreaking havoc on the jewelry industry. Customers today want timeless pieces that aren't so expensive they require a down payment, and they want to be abl...Show More
Beyond Barbecue: The Evolution of Potato Chips

23:35 | Sep 5th, 2017

Everyone knows it's almost impossible to eat just one potato chip. Why is America's favorite salty snack so addictive? Jenny and Lindsey dig into the science behind the mouthwatering taste, the evolution of the business from local to national and the...Show More
Trump Inc. (Ivanka Edition): What's in a Name?

19:52 | Aug 22nd, 2017

For the rich and famous, a name is often much more than just a name, and the Trump family hasn't shied from capitalizing on that opportunity. This week on Material World, we explain how Ivanka Trump turned her name into a brand. Now that the First Da...Show More
Be Right Back

03:06 | Aug 8th, 2017

Jenny and Lindsey are taking a vacation.
To Win the Grocery Wars, Wal-Mart Is Making Designer Melons

18:17 | Jul 25th, 2017

In our last episode, Jenny and guest host Craig Giammona explored how technology could shape the grocery industry's future. This week, Jenny and Lindsey look at what the biggest grocers are doing to stay on top -- and discover it has a lot to do with...Show More
The Tech Industry Wants To Revolutionize How You Shop For Groceries

25:10 | Jul 11th, 2017

For decades, the experience of buying groceries has remained much the same — and stayed largely immune to tech disruption. But that may be about to change. Amazon's bid for Whole Foods shows that it's determined to revolutionize the way Americans buy...Show More
Barbie’s Torrid Rise, Awkward Fall and -- Maybe! -- Surprise Comeback

26:22 | Jun 27th, 2017

She's been called a role model -- but also creepy and superficial. So who is the real Barbie? Matt Townsend looked into an 58-year-old toy that's become much, much more than a mere plaything. He and Lindsey trace the life and times of this 11-and-a-h...Show More
Yes, Big Tobacco Says It’s Racing to Create a Smoke-Free Future

25:39 | Jun 12th, 2017

When you think innovation, Big Tobacco probably doesn't spring to mind. But Philip Morris International alone has spent more than $3 billion trying to create new products and push towards a “Smoke-Free Future.” Jenny and Lindsey dig into the tobacco ...Show More
How Festivals Became Marketing Meccas

23:34 | May 30th, 2017

From the success of Coachella to the cataclysm that was Fyre, music festivals are omnipresent these days, drawing colossal crowds and clogging Instagram feeds. But it isn't just partiers who have caught the festival bug -- consumer product companies ...Show More
How Tech Is Changing Your Beauty Routine

24:37 | May 15th, 2017

The beauty industry is on fire, thanks in large part to technology. Prestige beauty sales in the United States grew 6 percent to $15.9 billion in the year ending in February, according to the research firm NPD Group. Makeup alone rose 11 percent to $...Show More
Inside Fashion's Quest to Make Sustainable Clothes Fit

23:42 | May 1st, 2017

Americans love what they wear -- until it's time to throw it away. Each year, we generate 21 billion pounds of discarded clothing, amounting to 70 pounds per person. Now, as the world finally begins to address climate change, is there a business case...Show More
This Bud's For You: Weed Goes Mainstream

27:21 | Apr 19th, 2017

As legalized pot becomes more widely available, the race is on for brands to become household names. One in five American adults now lives in a place where he or she can smoke, eat, drink, vape or otherwise ingest cannabis as they please. Canadian Pr...Show More
How America's Push to Live Healthier Is Changing Food Labels

25:09 | Apr 3rd, 2017

Food and beverage companies have long used buzzwords like "natural" and "healthy" to get shoppers' attention, a battle that's intensified now that foodie culture has gone mainstream. Whether it's organic, gluten-free or non-GMO, consumers are demandi...Show More
The Rise of Ghost Tequila

27:38 | Mar 21st, 2017

The man who helped turn Fireball whisky into a shot sensation is at it again, this time with ghost-pepper infused tequila. Recording a day in the life, Material World follows him around to find out exactly what it takes to make a liquor brand go vira...Show More
Is Trump's 'Made in America' Push Healthy for Your Wallet?

25:24 | Mar 6th, 2017

Jenny and Lindsey explore what Trump's campaign to revive domestic manufacturing means at the mall. Some companies, including Knot Standard, the custom suit-maker that dressed the younger male Trumps for the inauguration, say the U.S. doesn't have th...Show More
How to Live Forever Young

29:14 | Feb 21st, 2017

Immortality may remain forever the stuff of science fiction, but our ability to live long and prosper is finally within reach -- if a select group of so-called biohackers can be believed. Take Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey, so committed to the life...Show More
Why There's No Excuse Not To Buy Better Underwear

23:26 | Feb 6th, 2017

Material World is taking a look at the basics -- underwear. Technology and innovation has infiltrated the rest of your closet. Now, entrepreneurs say it's time to upgrade your underwear drawer. There's plenty to pick from: The global men's underwear ...Show More
Shopping in Trump's America: A Look Ahead to 2017

23:49 | Dec 27th, 2016

This year was full of surprises -- Brangelina called it quits, the U.K. voted to leave the European Union and Donald Trump became the next president of the United States. It's hard to predict what lies ahead in 2017. Jenny and Lindsey are joined by ...Show More
Zombie Brands Are Hard to Kill

27:05 | Dec 12th, 2016

The holidays are upon us, and with them a shopping season that can make or break a struggling retailer. Yet bankruptcy doesn't always mean the end. Many struggling chains linger well past their expiration dates and others find second lives under new ...Show More
America's Sugar Addiction: Why So Sweet?

26:38 | Nov 29th, 2016

This time of year feels like a continuous feast. With pumpkin spice lattes and apple pie and holiday cookies at every turn, Americans are constantly confronted by sugar. More than half of the nation's people are trying to eat less sugar -- and some a...Show More
Celebration Inflation: We're Partying Hard & Companies Love It

22:32 | Nov 14th, 2016

The holiday season is almost upon us. But these days it feels as if we're always celebrating. When it's not Halloween or Thanksgiving or Christmas, it's Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, National Margarita Day, National Siblings Day or National Pet...Show More
How The Kardashians (and Other Celebrities) Get You To Buy Stuff

30:18 | Oct 31st, 2016

Celebrities, they're just like us! Or rather, marketers have long relied on the fact that we want to be just like them. Slapping a famous name and image on to products has been a sales tactic for more than a century. But consumers's thirst for authen...Show More
The Costly Companionship of Cats and Dogs

26:28 | Oct 17th, 2016

Cats and dogs have never had it so good. Hosts Lindsey Rupp and Jenny Kaplan explore the $63 billion U.S. pet industry. As Americans wait longer to have kids, they're spending more on their furry relatives instead, from pet insurance and premium diet...Show More
American Made, Bought and Sold

26:16 | Oct 3rd, 2016

Hosts Lindsey Rupp and Jenny Kaplan are talking patriotic marketing. In an Olympic and election year, consumers have been overwhelmed with red, white and blue. Budweiser actually branded its iconic beer "America" during the summer. Do these ploys att...Show More
Having a Baby Never Cost So Much

27:04 | Sep 19th, 2016

Having a baby costs more than ever. The average American parents will pay about $245,000 to raise a child born in 2013 through the age of 18 -- and that's just for basics! It isn't just higher costs that are changing the business of raising babies, i...Show More
Pink It & Shrink It

29:17 | Sep 6th, 2016

Marketing to women is getting more nuanced than the stereotyped, often sexist, efforts of the past -- mostly. How are companies that sell typically macho-things like beer and guns appealing to the fairer sex? Some do it better than others with inclus...Show More
The Future of Vegan Food Is Here, and It’s Not Gross

27:15 | Aug 22nd, 2016

For many years, packaged vegan foods were expensive, sometimes unappealing, knock-offs of animal products and byproducts made for diet extremists. Not any more. Companies that make plant-based fare, such as Treeline Cheese and Beyond Meat, want their...Show More
Skinny Jeans Are Killing the Fashion Industry

21:47 | Aug 8th, 2016

Skinny jeans have dominated the denim world for 10 long years and the fashion industry has had enough. Apparel companies are eager for pant styles to change, prompting customers to spend more on updating their entire wardrobe. Yet the skinny silhouet...Show More
Sex Sells

29:17 | Jul 25th, 2016

Attitudes toward the sex toy industry have changed dramatically thanks to the Internet, making what was once a taboo subject pervasive in popular culture. In this episode, Lindsey and Jenny take a closer look at the $15 billion "adult product" market...Show More
Cash, Sweat and Tears: The Big Business of Fitness

27:58 | Jul 11th, 2016

The business of slimming has gained serious weight. From Soul Cycle to Lululemon, people are focused on getting fit -- and shelling out significant cash in the process. But just how big is the fitness economy? Are we in a fitness bubble? Join us as J...Show More
Hustling In The World Of Food Trucks and Pop-Ups

28:43 | Jun 27th, 2016

More people are skipping a trip to a mall and looking for a unique experience, helping fuel the growth of pop-up shops and food trucks. With that in mind, Jenny and Lindsey take a closer look at the growing trend of temporary and mobile retail. Miche...Show More
There's Something About Mary Jane

35:28 | Jun 13th, 2016

As Cannabis seemingly barrels toward federal legalization, Lindsey and Jenny dig into the unique challenges faced by ganja-preneurs in the American states where it's already gained legal status. After a quick breakdown of the plant's history, pot ico...Show More
Craft Is Dead. Long Live Craft.

28:06 | May 31st, 2016

More than ever, people want the stuff they buy to be hand-crafted. Lindsey and Jenny discuss why that is and what that means for big and small businesses. Is ``craft'' simply a meaningless marketing word? Is the movement dying now that big companies ...Show More
Welcome to Material World

03:28 | May 23rd, 2016

Meet Jenny Kaplan and Lindsey Rupp, two reporters at Bloomberg News who will be your guides through the consumer universe. What's going on with all the things you buy? Bloomberg is excited to present a taste of this new show. Stay tuned for the first...Show More