Judge and Jeremy

Judge and Jeremy

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A true crime podcast that balances crime and murder with semi-related nonsense from the Back Porch.

1:33:13 | Feb 13th, 2017

Vacations are supposed to be a relaxing break from your usual daily routine. Having fun and making some memories are expected.   But, when a few friends from Kentucky make a road trip to "the big T.N....Show More

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This is the only podcast I have heard covering this crime.

1:03:58 | Jul 24th, 2017

Domestic violence is no joke.  It seems that every local news station around the country reports this kind of crime all too often.   This week we take a look at the number of lives ruined by the selfi...Show More
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1:05:51 | Jul 10th, 2017

We all make mistakes.  But sadly, some people are so depressed and devastated by their mistakes, that they consider suicide.   This week we look at a man in Virginia who is a cold blooded killer.  And...Show More

1:03:28 | Jun 25th, 2017

Men like Stalin and Hitler held racist visions which proved to be devastating to the world.   Even decades later, they have influenced many individuals to act out on their hatred.   This episode takes...Show More

1:14:47 | Jun 12th, 2017

A lot of people associate Alabama with grits and gridiron.  But just like every other state, there are ruthless men there who don't give a second thought to taking what isn't theirs...by whatever mean...Show More
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