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True Crime stories from around the world.

39:43 | Sep 4th, 2017

It’s early March 2012. Julsin Salangsing a driver from Chumpon Tha Sae district in Thailand, is found murdered by the side of the road and his pickup truck is missing. With his face bashed in by a rock, a later autopsy would show, he had been poisone...Show More

33:33 | Jun 25th, 2017

It’s October 1986 Perth Western Australia. Over a five-week period, five women would go missing. Four of them would be murdered, but the fifth is able to escape, and a shocking story of kidnapping, rape and murder is uncovered. This is the story of D...Show More
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36:32 | Nov 14th

He was found guilty of murder in Texas May 1998 and received the death penalty. Now as his execution approaches, there are many doubts about his guilt. This is the case of Rodney Reed.

40:33 | Nov 11th

When you go into aged care, you expect to be able to live out your final days as well as you can. Tonight, we delve into what horrors will await you when things go so very wrong. This is the case of Elizabeth Wettlaufer, killer nurse.

1:11:13 | Oct 27th

Birthday mashup with Tara and Barney of Bloody Murder. Listen to the end for bloopers and birthday wishes from Islanders and my podcast friends.
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