Two Bit Geeks

Ped and Tom

A two-nerds-talking podcast exploring science, philosophy, education, art, literature, geek culture, technology, and other human endeavors. New episodes roughly twice monthly.

48:33 | Jul 3rd, 2017

After a hello to our Imperial listeners, Ped & Tom discuss the decline of cursive writing, the Common Core Standards, learning cuneiform, and the purpose of purposeless pursuits. Also, squeaky cats and oatmeal.

57:40 | Apr 23rd

In this episode, Tom has unwelcome visitors in the middle of the night, Ped has a new Star Wars theory, and they both geek out to the first image of a Black Hole before musing on the Ultimate Fate of the Universe.
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50:34 | Mar 29th

The interminable New England Winter is almost over and it's time for a Spring Clean for Ped & Tom as they start their Digital Declutter. With more time away from digital distractions, Tom finds a new hobby.

1:14:46 | Mar 11th

Ped & Tom review the new book "Digital Minimalism" by Cal Newport and discuss the benefits of reducing your daily interactions with technology and social media.

1:06:48 | Feb 15th

Ped & Tom continue to stare into the existential void and search for the meaning of life, with the help of centenarian Okinawans and the Japanese concept of Ikigai, as well as the organizational methods of tidying expert Marie Kondo.
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