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Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Bruce Daisley


How can we be happier and more energised at work? Each week we chat to scientists and experts to make our jobs better. Hosted by @brucedaisley


54:40 | Jul 7th

"We think people want to be liked, but they need to be needed". A thoroughly stimulating discussion here - that I've allowed to run long because it's so interesting. I met a brilliant guy called Mis...Show More

38:59 | Jun 30th

"Tuesday and Thursday, see you there. BOOM!" A lot of us are starting to long for human contact again and the office feels like a happy place to be. But what does the office of the future look like?...Show More
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30:30 | Jun 23rd

Firstly a conversation with David D'Souza the membership director of CIPD (incidentally is a fantastic Twitter follow). David talks about the choices available to firms right now: - do we want to b...Show More

48:43 | Jun 8th

I'm so excited about what is in the next few episodes. This is a short series of episodes about what we're about to lose with the end of office culture, and how we can build something new. If you like...Show More

53:29 | May 21st

Subscribe to the Make Work Better mailout Subscribe to Your Table's Ready Podcast Varied episode today, firstly for Mental Health Awareness week, two members of West Midlands Fire Service talk about...Show More
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