Audio Drama

The Strange Case of Starship Iris

Jessica Best (Procyon Podcast Network)

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In 2189, Earth narrowly won a war against extraterrestrials. The Strange Case of Starship Iris is about what comes after. It's a story of outer space, survival, espionage, resistance, identity, friendship, found family, romance, and secrets. (Also, t...Show More

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10. Off the Air

35:13 | Mar 8th

Season finale: in which some stories come to an end, others begin, and there are a few surprises along the way.

9. Plan B

36:17 | Dec 11th, 2018

After an unexpected conversation, the crew of the Rumor is faced with a weighty decision.

8. Ghost Stories

38:51 | Aug 2nd, 2018

Some things disappear; some things are left behind. Or, the Rumor makes landing--and a number of discoveries.

7. Root Systems

48:33 | May 15th, 2018

Looking back to look forward.

6. Parallel

48:57 | Apr 15th, 2018

One night, three perspectives.

5. The Carmen Gambit

36:42 | Apr 14th, 2017

The Rumor finally makes landing on Elion, but something is not right. It’s a bad day to be a daring space smuggler. (Trigger warning: skip this parenthetical to avoid some minor spoilers--Episode 5 contains tense moments with law enforcement, as well...Show More

4. Phone Home

37:47 | Mar 28th, 2017

The crew of the Rumor is wrestling with a lot of questions right now. This week: can you ever truly escape your past? (Spoiler: Probably not.)

3. In the Deep

37:14 | Mar 13th, 2017

One mystery is solved, several more arise. Also: you know those legends you’ve heard about the unimaginable creatures lurking in the farthest reaches of space? Those are surely nonsense, right? I mean: SURELY. (Check out our Kickstarter, running unti...Show More

2. Checkpoint Osiris

30:22 | Feb 24th, 2017

Our story resumes six days later, when Violet Liu wakes up in an unknown ship. Featuring new places, new faces, and a couple of all-too-familiar voices. (Also, danger. Can’t leave out the danger.)

1. Violet Liu

38:35 | Jan 10th, 2017

Biologist Violet Liu is floating through space, trapped in a doomed research ship. She’s the sole survivor of a devastating explosion, and frankly, her odds aren’t looking great, either. But when she is contacted by the charming—and woefully inexperi...Show More