Passionate about pods! I like audiodrama, education, D&D, and comedy primarily. I also produce dailyprayerpod, and am working on a sci fi drama upcoming in fall 2021!

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hollyheckin recommended:Aug 27th

Listening to this episode felt like being in the house of eternal return. Archive 81 is probably my favorite sound design in any fiction pod. I hope I can get on this amazing level someday!

I thought this episode was:

🌚 Creepy
👍 Well-produced
📝 Well-written

31 - Whatever is in the pond... kill it

by Archive 81

hollyheckin recommended:Jul 31st

I can’t wait to tear through every piece of media recommended herein. I laughed out loud at the discussion of having to play “nerd or nazi” in online communities- most relatable thing ever. So glad for TOAFN bonus content!

Audio Bonus Content #26 - Hierarchies and Anarchism in Fantasy (with author Margaret Killjoy)

by The Once And Future Nerd - A Fantasy-Comedy Audio Drama

hollyheckin recommended:Mar 13th

This week in the world has felt pretty killer, but listening through zero hours over the last few days really gave me the space I needed to lean into the fatalism and also give room for hopefulness. Besides, this pod is from an absolute dream team and I loved every bit!

The Sky Is Falling

by Zero Hours

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