What It Means


The age of the customer isn’t a tagline — it’s a fundamental shift in the market that is forcing companies and executives to change course. In Forrester’s What It Means podcast, we’ll examine those changes, what they mean, and what executives can do ...Show More

25:04 | Jan 30th

Brands such as Glossier, Peloton, and Sephora have shown that community can be a potent marketing tool. But building and maintaining customer communities isn’t as easy as it looks. On this week’s What...Show More

25:26 | Jan 23rd

As AI-infused applications expand their reach, a question persists: How do you test the unknown? VP and Principal Analyst Diego Lo Giudice tackles that question — and more — in this week’s episode.
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19:34 | Jan 16th

Many understaffed customer experience (CX) organizations are spinning their wheels and realizing they can’t meet their goals in a silo. On this week’s What It Means, Analyst Angelina Gennis joins to d...Show More

26:29 | Jan 9th

Mounting pressures on marketing leaders to deliver better brand experiences are forcing agencies to evolve. On this week’s What It Means, Principal Analyst Jay Pattisall discusses the changes ahead fo...Show More

10:41 | Jan 2nd

2020 will be another year of dramatic change in the emerging tech space, pushing IT leaders to keep pace. In this episode, Forrester analysts provide their top predictions in IoT, AI, edge computing, ...Show More
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