The Document

KCRW, Matt Holzman

The Document is KCRW's new kind of mashup of documentaries and radio - telling addictive, real life, right now stories.

25:41 | Jul 15th

Making a film with mom, dad, and LA’s most beloved gay porn store.

31:51 | Apr 17th

Pulling back the dark veil of the Satanic Panic of the 1980s.
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33:36 | Mar 27th

Filmmaker Travis Wilkerson brings us the story of the made-in-secret documentary “Underground.” How did director Emile de Antonio manage to find - and film - the wanted fugitives of the leftist Weather Underground?

32:59 | Mar 8th

The story of two films - a narrative and a documentary - made inside a fully functioning, maximum-security prison.

18:45 | Jan 30th

An Italian filmmaker drives across the country looking for his vision of America.
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