Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

The case for bootstrapping w/Mailchimp’s Ben Chestnut

44:56 | May 21st, 2019

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You can bootstrap your business to scale, but you'll have to make your own luck. Nobody knows this better than Mailchimp's Ben Chestnut. He used a DIY ethos to grow a $600M company without ever raisin...Show More


mm recommended:May 23rd, 2019

Interesting founding story of Mailchimp! My preferred email newsletter vendor (not an ad)!

danny recommended:May 22nd, 2019

Should you bootstrap your company or take investment? Really good breakdown of reasons for / against depending on your business.

mmMay 23rd, 2019

@danny I agree with Reid Hoffman that Mailchimp should have found the right VCs earlier on. Seems like they got by on a lot of luck and sweat in the context they were in. The last exchange was telling. As much as I enjoy these hard-won battle stories, market conditions today are so different and tec...Show More