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Sword and Scale Rewind

Wondery | Incongruity

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Sword and Scale Rewind, hosted by Matt Fondiler and Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, is the aftershow for the popular true-crime podcast Sword and Scale.


26:34 | Feb 4th

Dr. Drew calls in to discuss the startling phenomenon of 'targeted individuals'. Plus, Matt and Stefanie comment on Gavin Long's shooting rampage against Baton Rouge police officers.

34:44 | Jan 21st

The answer to a decades-long mystery is dug up-- literally-- by the son who always subconsciously knew the truth about his mother's murder.
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34:43 | Dec 31st, 2019

Stefanie and Matt (aka the 'Forensic Voice Forensics Unit') takes on the case of Mark Duenas, and the importance of sticking together as a family.

31:54 | Dec 10th, 2019

Jennifer Asbenson barely escapes death at the hands of Andrew Urdiales, a serial killer with military training. This week, Matt and Stefanie discuss the first episode of Sword and Scale that Matt rese...Show More

39:20 | Nov 26th, 2019

The Murder of Brandy Rosine. After a love triangle takes a very dark turn, the two young suspects go on the run and discover just how much they enjoyed killing. Stefanie and Matt break down yet anothe...Show More
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