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Eric's Choice: I Am a White Woman

31:00 | Nov 11th, 2019

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The movie "White Chicks" may have made critics— and honestly, the world —cringe, but Brittany delivers her treatise on why the film deserves a second look.


rosaguac recommended:Nov 12th, 2019

Brittany and Eric go deep in their analysis of 'White Chicks' and their deep dive-- is surprisingly refreshing and hilarious. Their take on this time old classic explores Black men in drag, the usage of the n-word among white people (among other points they make). Made me appreciate the multiple...Show More

mmNov 12th, 2019

@vanpodfest This sounds like an episode for the PopThis crew!

vanpodfestNov 12th, 2019

@mm For sure!

dee.ngyn recommended:Nov 12th, 2019

A laugh-out-loud critique on White Chicks as an under hyped social commentary

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