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rosaguac recommended:Feb 27th

so there’s a lot of fear and uncertainty going around w the coronavirus and I think this episode help me assuage my fears of the virility of this disease, esp as it pertains to bay area— some highlights: - we’re probably not going to die if we get it, kinda like the flu - symptoms are mostly respir...Show More

San Francisco’s Coronavirus Emergency

Fifth & Mission

rosaguac recommended:Feb 26th

content/trigger warnings for sexual violence / sexual abuse: 'this is actually happening' is a fascinating storytelling podcast i found through podyssey (shouts out! also based in oakland!) and its form is radical in that there is no commentary; rather, each episode is a first person conversation ...Show More

149: What if you committed child sexual abuse?

This Is Actually Happening

rosaguac recommended:Feb 25th

sometimes i wistfully hope that 1 hour epsiodes of any podcast will give me all the information i need to understand the entire history of something (especially me in relation to 'revolutionary left radio') w/ all the discourse happening with cuban americans + cuban revolution on twitter earlier t...Show More

Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution

Revolutionary Left Radio