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Nothing Rhymes With Murder

Nothing Rhymes With Murder


Join Kate and Georgie on a global journey of MURDER. Every week a new country and true crime gem as well as fun hotspots to visit. Remember kids, life is a journey, don’t let murder stop you! ✈️??


1:49:35 | Aug 24th, 2017

Greetings earthlings! We made it- 10 EPISODES! In celebration, this week we took a whistle stop tour across the world, with a little help from our friends! Our favourite comrades in true-crime-podca...Show More
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The perfect way to sample a few different true crime podcasts.

1:13:01 | Mar 14th

Sveiki!This week we are off to LATVIA!Georgie kicks us off with the story of Yuri Chubarov aka ‘The Hunter’ and how the collapse of the Soviet Union informed the horrific events that followed.Kate the...Show More
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1:20:02 | Jan 13th

Ki kati!This week we’re off to UGANDA!Georgie begins by delving in to the formation and the mystery surrounding the eventual demise of The Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God....Show More

1:09:01 | Dec 25th, 2019

Hi there!This week we’re off to THE BAHAMAS!Kate starts us off with the horrifying story of Bahamian serial killer Cordell Farrington.Georgie then delves in to the mystery surrounding the murder of Si...Show More

1:56:46 | Dec 7th, 2019

Oh hey there!This week we’re off on a special trip to MINNESOTA and SOUTH AFRICA as we have a very special guest from Wine and Crime - Kenyon Laing!Kate kicks us off in Kenyons home state of Minnesota...Show More
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