Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked

Lost In Time

36:37 | Sep 8th, 2017

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Stories:  "Time Warp Saloon" -  The neon sign blinks at the roadhouse bar. The jukebox plays an old tune as the bartender shouts,  "Last Call." Just one more. Why not? What could it hurt? This story c...Show More


pwitham recommended:Oct 11th

Great stories, love this time of year and I pile up on these kind of podcasts.

I thought this episode was:

💀 Scary

jennxOct 11th

@pwitham perfect for spooky season 🕷🌕

jennx recommended:Oct 9th

Got shivers down my spine with the first story 💀

I thought this episode was:

💀 Scary
😲 Shocking

podcastplaylist recommended:Oct 5th

Spooked has become a Halloween podcast staple that shares paranormal tales told first-hand. The story Lost in Time is such a slow, slow burn but I promise it will stay with you for weeks. One of the best elements of the show is hearing the storyteller's grapple with these strange, unexplainable mome...Show More

hsfargis recommended:Sep 20th

From the first season of Spooked and one of the scariest things I’ve ever heard. Well produced and well told. Will make you think twice about stopping somewhere unknown in the middle of the night!

I thought this episode was:

🔪 Chilling
🌚 Creepy
💀 Scary
👍 Well-produced

alishiamarie recommended:Sep 24th, 2018

This first story REALLY creeped me out and I instantly subscribed to Jim Harold's Campfire as a result. SUCH a good spooky story.

equity recommended:Sep 25th, 2017

Fun stuff for those who are not into hardcore horror. These remind me of the spooky campfire/sleepover stories we used to tell.