Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked


35:43 | Oct 10th, 2019

5 recommendations

You know the most haunted places. The houses, the castles, the hotels. And you know the most haunted objects. The mirrors, the necklaces, the dolls. In this episode, we take you to the Stanley Hotel a...Show More


jennx recommended:Sep 17th

If you mention the Stanley Hotel (the hotel where Stephen King had an experiece and wrote The Shining) my ears will shoot up 👂🏼!! What a creepy episode

I thought this episode was:

🔪 Chilling
🌚 Creepy

iso_squared recommended:Jul 20th

So spooky 😱😱😱

pwitham recommended:Jul 5th

Great stories and well produced. Best line has to be "leave those ouija board alone".

I thought this episode was:

🤔 Thought-provoking

alishiamarie recommended:Jun 25th

This was a GREAT episode, stories from the Stanley Hotel and Robert the Doll

rmmiller364 recommended:May 18th

This is a surprisingly creepy podcast! This episode in particular gave me the shivers a few time

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