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There’s more news and less comprehension today than any historical period that didn’t involve literal witch trials, and trying to stay on top of it all can feel like playing a game of telephone with 30 people, except everyone’s speaking at the same t...Show More

1:15:58 | Jun 6th

In episode 407, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and actor Lucas Hazlett to discuss the Uber Eats cravings report, Joe Biden plagiarizing his climate change report, what a referendum on Obama would have looked like, YouTube planning to remove vi...Show More

12:53 | Nov 13th

Today on the Daily ZeitBite Jack and Miles talk about Jim Jordan, Disney+ vs Apple+, World Kindness Day, and Netflix working with Nickelodeon. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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1:13:52 | Nov 13th

In episode 515, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Mike Feeney to discuss some impeachment updates, GOP representative Peter King retiring, Uber CEO calling the murder of Khashoggi a mistake, a senior Trump official / scammer, a wild Michael Jorda...Show More

10:46 | Nov 12th

On the first episode of the Trending Zeitgeist Jack and Miles talk about Disney Plus, DACA, Stephen Miller's Emails, and Selena! Learn more about your ad-choices at

1:14:11 | Nov 12th

In episode 514, Jack and Miles are joined by Scam Goddess host Laci Mosley to discuss Bloomberg running for president for the billionaires, the impeachment moving along, Instagram changing their 'like' system, YouTube closing your account if you're n...Show More
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