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69: Human Hacker

1:06:50 | Jul 7th

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We all know that computers and networks are vulnerable to hacking and malicious actors, but what about us, the humans who interface with these devices? Con games, scams, and strategic deception are fa...Show More


danny recommended:Oct 9th

Fun / Funny stories about a person hired by companies to break into their own companies and spot vulnerabilities.

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bigfoot_skeptic recommended:Oct 6th

Thanks @mm for the recommendation. This was the most delightful episode I've listened to in a while.

mmOct 6th

@bigfoot_skeptic Awee....I'm glad you enjoyed it! That part in the parking lot and the bush makes me lol even when I think about it now :p

mm recommended:Oct 5th

This was hilarious and freaky at the same time. Christopher Hadnagy isn't just a white hat hacker and penetration tester of IT systems, he also does human social engineering. He talks through a few cases he's been on where he was hired by the company to break into their offices and install "maliciou...Show More

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